MULTISPIN aims to exploit the chemical programmability of molecules to finely manipulate the magnetic properties of LMMs.

We aim to exploit a specificity of LMMs, i.e. the possibility to tune their intrinsic physical properties, and combine it with the unique chemical flexibility of organic molecules, which enables the exploration of a plethora of possible interactions.

To this goal, we propose to tailor the magnetic properties of LMMs by making active use of four molecular capabilities, which are:

  • The possibility to introduce doping on demand;
  • The predictable (and controllable) spin configuration of organometallic complexes;
  • The ferroelectric properties of some polymers;
  • The unique photoswitch of photochromic molecules.

The research work will be organized in four scientific work packages (WPs), each exploring different aspects of molecule/LMM hybrids.

In WP1, we propose to interface exfoliated flakes of LMMs with molecular adlayers for passivation and controllable doping. In WP2, functional organic/polymeric materials (photochromic, organometallic and ferroelectric) will allow to employ external stimuli to tune the LMM magnetism.

In WP3, LMM/molecule heterostructures will be used to fabricate multiresponsive spintronic devices with tailored light response. UIn WP4, we will use molecular dopants to introduce ferromagnetism in non-magnetic materials.

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