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(Static) improvement of 2D magnetism

WP1 aims to improve the physico-chemical properties of LMMs through chemical functionalization. The use of molecular dopants is expected to increase the TC.

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(Dynamic) control of 2D magnetism: multi-responsivity in LMMs

WP2 aims to employ different molecules to provide LMMs with a dynamic response to external stimuli.

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Hybrid LMM/molecule heterostructures

WP3 aims to demonstrate multi-responsive spintronic devices based on LMM/molecule interfaces. Vertical spin valves will be fabricated based on molecular interlayers.

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Ferromagnetic ordering in non-ferromagnetic 2DMs

WP4 aims to generate ferromagnetic ordering in layered materials which are naturally not ferromagnetic.

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Management, dissemination, outreach and exploitation

WP5 addresses the coordination and management of the scientific and administrative activities of the project.

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