Management, dissemination, outreach and exploitation


Management, dissemination, outreach and exploitation

WP5 addresses the coordination and management of the scientific and administrative activities of the project (legal and financial aspects, communication among the members of the consortium and with the FLAG-ERA Joint Call Secretariat, organization of consortium meetings, risk assessment, and quality control). In addition, this WP ensures the fluid contact of each partner with its respective National and Regional Funding Organizations (NRFOs) and the submission of the required reports to them. Furthermore, WP5 aims to implement the dissemination, outreach (including public engagement) and exploitation (including sustainability) strategies and approaches. WP5 is aligned with the core policies of the European Commission (EC) regarding open science and open data (data management), but it will also consider potential Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) raised by the project results.

The goals are:

  • Management, coordination, reporting and communication.
  • Management of risks, ethical issues and quality control.
  • Dissemination, outreach (public engagement) and exploitation.
  • Data management.

Leading Partner:

P1. CIC nanoGUNE

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