Hybrid LMM/molecule heterostructures


Hybrid LMM/molecule heterostructures

WP3 aims to demonstrate multi-responsive spintronic devices based on LMM/molecule interfaces. Vertical spin valves will be fabricated based on molecular interlayers. In addition to the typical MR of spin valves, the light absorption in the molecular interlayer will provide light responsivity (schematically shown as an increase in the device current under light irradiation). Additionally, an asymmetric (Janus) functionalization of the two surfaces of FGT will provide sensitivity to multiple stimuli.

The goals are:

  • Realization of multiresponsive spin valves with molecular interlayers.
  • Simultaneous light and electrostatic control over magnetism in Janus FGT

Leading partner:

P1. CIC nanoGUNE

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